General Maintenance

oil change

House Oil 5w20 Or 5w30

  • An inexpensive way to regularly maintain your vehicle.
  • Decrease wear and increase longevity of the engine.
  • Reduce instances of unexpected failures.
  • General Inspection
  • Engine Oil Filter
  • Up to 5L of Synthetic-Blended Engine Oil

Engine oil

Engine Oil and Filter Change - Full Synthetic

Provides protection in high RPM, hot running engines.
Reduce engine damage on cold starts.
Identify any Contaminants
Prevents sludge and varnish deposits for maximum overall performance.
General Inspection
Engine Oil Filter Rated for Synthetic Oil

Power steering fluid

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

  • Improved power steering assist during high demand situations. (low-speed maneuvers)
  • Prevent damage to power steering system components caused by contaminants in the fluid.
  • Extract and Replace Contaminated Fluid
Differential fluid

4x4 / 4WD / AWD Fluid Service

Reduce final drive gear wear and increase component longevity.
Remove contaminates suspended in fluid(s).
Replenish extreme pressure fluid additives.
Service Front and Rear Differentials
Drain and Re-fill Transfer Case Fluid

Tire balance

Wheel Balance

  • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.
  • Improve vehicle stability at highway speeds.
  • Four Tire Wheel Balance
  • Wheel Weights


Cooling System Service w/AirLift

  • Decrease coolant freeze point to -51c for cold Canadian climates.
  • Neutralize coolant pH levels to prevent system corrosion.
  • Remove unwanted system contaminates.
  • Prevent engine damage by removing air pockets.
  • Drain Engine Coolant from Cooling System
  • Flush Cooling System Using Water Pressure
  • Blow Out Remaining Water Using Presurized Shop Air
  • Create Vaccum Using AirLift Tool and Monitor for Leaks
  • Fill Cooling System with O.E.M. Engine Coolant Using AirLift

Brake fluid flush

Brake Fluid Pressure Bleed

Reduce vehicle stopping distance.
Remove moisture content and contaminants from brake fluid.
Prevent corrosion in brake system hydraulic components, hoses and lines.
Pressure Bleed Brake Hydraulic System
Up to 2L of DOT3 or DOT4 Brake Fluid

Seasonal repairs

Seasonal Changeover

  • Swap-over to wheel assemblies with tires that are more appropriate for the current season.
  • Seasonal change-over of wheels from previous season to current.

Car battery

Starting and Charging System Test

  • Prevent no-start conditions from a faulty battery, alternator or starter.
  • Confirm that alternator output is within manufacturer specifications.
  • Test Battery State of Charge and CCA.
  • Starter Draw Test
  • Alternator Output and Diode Test
Tire rotation

Tire Rotation

  • Extend tire lifespan.
  • Rotate tires with more tread depth to primary drive wheels.
Transfer case fluid

Transfer Case / Differential Drain & Refill

  • Decrease wear and increase longevity of the transfer case or either differential.
  • Prevent build-up of contaminants in the fluid.
  • Replenish essential fluid additives.
  • Drain and Re-Fill Fluid
  • Inspect Magnet for Metallic Build-Up
Transmission drain

Transmission Drain and Re-Fill

  • Decrease wear and increase longevity of the transmission.
  • Prevent build-up of contaminants in the fluid.
  • Replenish essential fluid additives.
  • Drain and Re-Fill Transmission Fluid
  • Inspect Magnet for Metallic Build-Up
Seasonal repairs

Wheel Alignment

  • Increased fuel economy.
  • Decreased tire wear.
  • Improved vehicle stability.
  • 4-Wheel Computerized Alignment w/Target3D Optical Hunter Hawkeye Elite Aligner
  • Vehicle Road Test

  • *Other modifications extra.

Additional Maintenance Services

  • Battery Testing
  • Brake Inspection
  • Cooling System Inspection
  • Drive Belt Inspection / Replacement
  • Driveline Inspection
  • Engine Air Filter Replacement
  • Exhaust System Inspection


  • Exterior / Interior Bulb Replacement
  • Fault Code Scans
  • Fluid Inspection / Top-up
  • Fuel Filter Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Tire Rotation / Balancing
  • Tune-up / Spark Plug Replacement
  • Wiper Blade Replacement