Out Of Province Inspection

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  • Out Of Province Inspection

    Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Any vehicle you bring into Alberta — whether you're moving from another province, or are importing from the States — needs an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before you can register it. Your vehicle needs to be registered 90 days from the date you became a resident of Alberta.

Salvage Vehicle Inspection

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  • Salvage Vehicle Inspection

    Precision Motor Worx is Airdrie's only salvage Inspection facility! Got questions or concerns? No problem, let us help you out in order to make your vehicle road worthy

    A salvage vehicle, commonly referred as written-off by people outside the automotive industry, is a motor vehicle that can be rebuilt. Vehicles declared salvage by an insurance company must undergo an inspection by a licensed inspection technician.

    A salvage vehicle that has passed an inspection is given a "rebuilt" rating on the vehicle registration form, which indicates it has been repaired, and can be re-registered and driven on Alberta’s roads. Give us a call/email, and we will guide you through the process in order to get your vehicle back on the road again

Commercial Vehicle Inspection

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  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection

    All commercially plated vehicles require an annual Commercial Vehicle Inspection. All commercial vehicles must have a valid inspection certificate and decal. call/email us

Taxi Vehicle Inspection

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  • Taxi Vehicle Inspection

    All taxi vehicles operating in Airdrie require an annual Inspection, Each vehicle must have passed the Enhanced Livery Vehicle Inspection Standards (ELVIS) inspection from a certified garage in Airdrie. Let Precision Motor worx take the stress away and get you and your passengers safely on the road again

Pre-purchase Inspections

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  • Pre-purchase Inspection

    Finding the used car that’s right for you takes time, and when you finally find ‘the one,’ it can be tempting to rush through the buying process Let Precision Motor Worx give you the peace of mind before you fully commit.

    In Alberta for vehicles that are 12 years or older. It must be completed by a licensed mechanic in the province of Alberta. The inspection report helps to determine whether a particular vehicle is roadworthy and safe