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  • Tire Storage
    Tire storage

    Let us take your tire storage headache away. Check your off season tires into Precision Motor Worx today!

    • Secure indoor storage.
    • Indoor Storage of your Winter or Summer Tires and Wheels
    • 6 Months Included
  • Tire Installation
    Tire installation

    One of the most important parts of vehicle upkeep is replacing old, worn out tires. Precision Motor Worx offers quality affordable tire services, including new or seasonal tire installation in Airdrie and surrounding areas. Trust only the tire installation experts at Precision Motor Worx to install your next set of tires.

  • Winter Tire Studding
    Tire studding

    • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.
    • Increased traction on icy road conditions.
    • Decreased stopping distance on ice.
    • Four Tire Studding
  • Wheel Balance
    Tire balancing 
    • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.
    • Improve vehicle stability at highway speeds.
    • Four Tire Wheel Balance
    • Wheel Weights
  • Tire Sales
    Tire sales

    We carry a large selection of tires for your vehicle, any brand of your choice. For more information contact us

    We also provide financing for tires. No credit check is required.

    To get financing for tires, call us 562-265-8905 or 562-265-8905

  • Tire Rotation
    Tire rotation 
    • Extend tire lifespan.
    • Rotate tires with more tread depth to primary drive wheels.
  • Seasonal Changeover
    Tire change

    • Swap-over to wheel assemblies with tires that are more appropriate for the current season.
    • Seasonal change-over of wheels from previous season to current.
  • Additional Tire Services
    Hankook tires

    • New Tire Install and Balance
    • Customer Supplied Tire Install and Balance
    • Light Truck Tire Service
    • Passenger Car Tire Service
    • Spare Tire Wheel Hoist Replacement
    • SUV Tire Service
    • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Diagnostics
    • TPMS Re-Learn
    • TPMS Sensor Replacement
    • Trailer Tire Replacement
    • Van Tire Service
    • Wheel Bearing Replacement
    • Wheel Seal Replacement
    • Wheel Stud Replacement
  • Custom Rims
    Tire Rim

    We offer tire rims as well, see our tire rims.

  • Tire Repair
    Tire repair

    Got a flat tire? Bring it to us, and we'll take care of the rest. ‚Äč

    Driving with a flat tire, especially at high speeds, could cause a fatal accident. These issues have the capacity to trigger a blowout, causing a loss of control which may be very harmful. Here's what we can do:

    • Alternative to purchasing a new tire.
    • Plug and/or Patch Repair
    • Valve Stem Replacement (non-TPMS)
    • Grind and Apply Bead Sealant (If Required)
    • Tire Balance
  • Wheel Alignment
    Tire alignment 
    • Increased fuel economy.
    • Decreased tire wear.
    • Improved vehicle stability.
    • 4-Wheel Computerized Alignment w/Target3D Optical Hunter Hawkeye Aligner
    • Vehicle Road Test

    Tire alignment       Tire alignment
  • TPMS
    TPMS warning

    Is your TPMS light on? The Tire Pressure Monitor System monitors the inflation pressure of the tires on your vehicle.

  • Mount And Balance
    Tire balancing

    • Changeover to winter or summer tires.
    • Increase vehicle traction in severe road conditions.
    • Reduce tire imbalance vibrations.
    • Valve Stem Replacement (non-TPMS)
    • Grind and Apply Bead Sealant (If Required)
    • Install Four Tires on Rims
    • Dynamic Tire Balance

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